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How do I log in to Student@work?

Login options

  • With your personal eID or alien registration card
  • With a username and password; if you use this option, you will only see your remaining number of hours and the certificate. You may add security to the username and password combination by entering an additional code:
    • a code that is printed on a token. A token is a card with 24 personal codes that you can apply for online.
    • a unique code with time-limited validity that your generate with a mobile app (e.g.: Google Authenticator, Duo Mobile,...).
  • With the itsme app.

Initial steps

To create a username and password, ask for a token or register an authentication app, you must first log in using your eID or alien registration card.
In order to use itsme, you must:

  • install the itsme app, and
  • create an account by means of your bank card or eID card.

When to use which option?

On a desktop computer, the eID is really the best means for logging in. Your eID gives you access to all your data, including your wages and your employers’ details.

On a smartphone or tablet, you can log in with:

  • a username and password: you only see the number of your remaining days,
  • a unique code generated by an authentication app: you see all your data (remaining days, wages, employers), or
an itsme account: you see all your data (remaining days, wages, employers).

How to log in with your eID or alien registration card?

Before getting started, check first that your computer is configured to use the eID card or alien registration card.

On the eID website(new window) you can read:

  • what you need;
  • how to install the eID software;
  • how to configure your browser and software;
  • how to test that it all works properly.

How to start using the site?

  1. Insert your eID card or alien registration card into the card reader.
  2. Go to the login page.
  3. Click on “Log in using your electronic identity card”.
    The CSAM login window will be shown. CSAM provides secure, unified access to online government services.
  4. Click on “Continue”.
    A window will appear that asks you to confirm your certificate. A certificate is a digital key stored on your eID, that proves your identity is real.
  5. Confirm your certificate.
    A window will appear in which you have to type in the pin code of your eID or alien registration card.
    What to do if you forgot your pin code(new window)
  6. Enter the pin code for your eID card or alien registration card.
    The Student@work home screen will appear.


On the FAQ website for the eID(new window) you will find solutions to common problems with:

  • installing the software
  • connecting the card reader
  • logging into an application

If you still have problems, please contact us.

How to log in using a user name and password?

Creating online

You create your user name and password on the federal website “My digital keys(new window)”. You need your eID card or alien registration card!

Forgotten your password?

On the website My digital keys(new window) you can read what you need to do if you forgot your password.

Entering an additional code

If you enter an additional code in addition to your user name and password (which can be obtained through a token or mobile app), your login will be more secure and you will have access to all the information in Student@work.

The federal website My digital keys(new window) contains all the information about those login options.

How to log in using itsme?

  1. Click ‘Log in via itsme’.
    The itsme app opens and shows the details of the website you want to log in to.
  2. Click ‘Confirm’.
  3. Enter your itsme code.

You are logged in.
More information about logging in with itsme(new window)

How to log in if you are not a Belgian national?

Many non-Belgians living in Belgium possess an alien registration card. You can use this card to log in electronically to Student@work, in the same way as with an eID card.

If you don't have an alien registration card, you need to use a user name, password and token to log in. You will have to pick those up in person. Where? That depends whether your identity has already been registered in Belgium.

Has your identity been registered?

If you have worked in Belgium before, your identity will normally have been registered. If this is the first time for you, then it will probably not have been. Unsure if you are registered? Send us your name and date of birth using the contact form. We will check for you.

Yes, my identity has been registered

If your identity has been registered, then you can get your token from a local registration office. That will usually be a municipality. Do make an appointment!

More about requesting a token from a local registration office(new window)

No, my identity has not been registered

Then visit the office of the National Social Security Service(new window) (Rijksdienst voor Sociale Zekerheid, RSZ) located within the Brussels-South station building. We will register you and provide you with a user name, password and token, that you can then use to get access to Student@work.

You can visit us from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 12:00 or with an appointment (+32 2 509 59 59).

Don't forget to bring one of the following identity documents:

  • an international ID card (European citizens only);
  • an international passport.

Other identity documents (driving licence, debit or credit card, transport card etc.) are not accepted. If you forget to bring the proper identification, we cannot help you.

Is your age above 30? In this case, except your identity card, also bring a school identification, so that we can ensure that you're still student.

Is there an app for Student@work?

Yes there is! We developed a free app for your smartphone. Using the app you can connect to your Student@work account from anywhere. Connecting is possible with your electronic ID card (eID) or via itsme.

Check all details on the dedicated FAQ page about the Student@work app.