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How do I check my remaining hours?

How to proceed?

Log in

You have to log in to use Student@work.

To check your remaining hours

Once you have logged in, you can access the home page of Student@work, where you can see your remaining hours.

Do you want to see more details? Do you want to know how your number of remaining hours was calculated? Then you have to log in with an eID or token.

To view periods and employers

The calendar view shows for what periods an employer intends to employ you. Hold your mouse above a date and you can see the name(s) of your employer(s). In the calendar view it is also possible to check data from previous years. You must log in with an eID or token to see the calendar view.

Note: a period in the calendar is not always the same as the number of hours agreed upon with your employer. Example: an employer intends to employ you for 40 hours in the month of July, but he/she does not know exactly when yet. So he/she reserves the whole month of July and states the number of hours agreed upon (40). It is these 40 hours that are deducted from your remaining hours, and not the whole period.

Useful tip: you can export your hours to your own electronic diary. Click on the button, download the iCal file and open it in your own calendar application, for example Google Calendar or Outlook.

To view the details of your remaining hours

If you want to know exactly how your number of remaining hours was calculated, you should look in the detail view. (You do need to log in with your eID or a token, otherwise you can't see the detail view).

In the detail view you can see the number of hours agreed upon and the actual number of hours worked for each employer. You can also see an overview of the student agreements you have made.

Have you worked more or less than what was agreed upon? Have you exceeded your maximum number of hours? The detail view gives you a warning!

Do you have to adjust your remaining hours yourself?

No, you don't have to do anything yourself.

The employer you have a student agreement with informs the NSSO electronically of the number of hours that he/she wants to employ you for. These hours are automatically subtracted from your total.

If you work for longer or shorter than agreed, your employer can inform the NSSO of the modified data so that your remaining hours are adjusted. But note: an employer does not have to do this. So it is possible that your remaining number of hours is no longer up to date at a certain time.

Why is your number of remaining hours not up to date?

There are a number of reasons for this.

  • Planned hours are also already included. Once you sign a contract, your employer indicates your work hours. These hours are immediately subtracted from your remaining hours, even if you haven't yet worked a single hour.
  • You have signed a student agreement, but your employer has not (yet) informed the NSSO of the number of hours.
  • Your employer has informed the NSSO of your hours incorrectly.
  • You have worked for longer or shorter than stated and your employer has not (yet) updated the NSSO of the number of hours.


What should you do if your number of remaining hours is not up to date?

Do you have a problem because the number has not been updated, for example you do not have enough hours for another student job? Contact your employer. He/she can put things right quickly and easily by adjusting the ‘Dimona’. Dimona is an electronic declaration that your employer completes when he/she employs you.

Have you had a number of employers and don't know where the problem is? Take a look in the detail view of Student@work. Here you will see which employer and hours it is.

Does an employer not want to cooperate? Contact us. We will find a solution together with you and the employer.

Who can see your data?

Yourself and no one else.

If you wish, you can give your employer an access code that enables him/her to view the following data for three months:

  • the remaining number of hours;
  • the number of hours for which you have a student agreement with your employer.
All other data - such as the other employers you have worked for - remain hidden.


Are your data safe?

Your data in Student@work are private. We do our utmost to keep it this way. The NSSO does not share your data with anyone. Not with other government institutions, nor with employers or interim offices, and certainly not with companies with commercial objectives.

Your personal details are not correct? Contact us. We will correct them as quickly as possible.

Is your number of remaining hours not correct? Then you may have to ring your employer. For further information read the item 'What should you do if your number of remaining hours is not up to date?'