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Hours package and impact

You do not have the Belgian nationality and want to work in Belgium as a job student? Go to the section Foreign students

How old are you?

Then you must have completed the 1st grade of high school to be allowed to work as a job student.

Where do you live?

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* Gross amount after deduction of social contributions, valid for income year 2024. The amount only applies if you have on other means of subsistence than the wages from your student job and if you do not declare any actual professional expenses.


You may work as a job student at reduced social contributions (you get a hours package from the government) if you:

  • are a student;
  • are old enough;
  • are not working while attending classes or participating in other school activities.

Are you a student?

for the calculation of social contributions, you are a student if:

  • you are following a recognised course of study in secondary, higher or university education;
  • studying is your main activity and any job is clearly secondary. For example: an employee who takes a bachelor's degree after working hours is not a student.

You are no longer a student if:

  • you have a contract with an employer for 12 months or more. After these 12 months, you can no longer work as a student with that employer. From then on, you and your employer pay the normal social contributions. However, you can still get a job as a student with another employer.
  • You attend evening school or another form of education with a limited curriculum.

It is not always easy to tell whether your main activity is studying. Are you in doubt about your situation? If so, please contact the regional directorates Supervision of Social Acts of the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue at info.tsw@werk.belgie.be.

Are you old enough?

You can start working as a job student as soon as you:

  • are 15 years old and have completed the first stage of secondary education;
  • are 16 years old.

Are you attending school part-time?

If you go to school part-time, you can only work as a job student if you:

  • enter into a student agreement with an employer other than the one where you do your practical training in the workplace;
  • enter into a student agreement with the employer, where you are on internship, for the summer months outside the internship agreement;
  • have a student job outside the hours of your theoretical or practical training;
  • do not receive unemployment benefit or integration allowance.

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As a student, you receive a yearly hours package from the government. During these hours, you will pay less social contributions than a standard employee. For the year 2024, this package contains 600 hours.

With the online service My Student@work and the Student@work app (available on App Store and Play Store), you can check how many hours you have left of that package.

Working more is allowed, but for every hour you work beyond your 600-hour package, you pay the normal social contributions.

Please note: do you work as a student in the sociocultural or sports sector under the regulation for association work? Make sure you do not work more than 190 hours per year in that regime and take into account the limits per quarter and per sector. If you have already carried out too much association work when you start working as a student, those additional hours will be deducted from your student hours. Read all about it on the Association work page.

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Logging in to a government online service is done through CSAM, which is also the case for My Student@work. CSAM is a secure access management system. There are several ways to log in:

  1. With an electronic identity card (eID) and eID card reader: more info on the BOSA webpage about the .eID card reader (New window)
  2. With itsme®: more info on the Bosa webpage How can I use itsme® to log on to a government online service? (New window).
  3. Using a security code via e-mail: more info on the BOSA webpage about the Security code via e-mail (New window).
  4. With a security code via mobile app: more info on the BOSA webpage about the Security code via mobile app (New window).
  5. With an electronic identifier recognised at European level: more info on the Electronic Identification And Trust Services (eIDAS) page of the BOSA website (New window).

These are also the ways you can log in to the app Student@work. The main advantage of the app is that you only need to log in once to access your data for two months. Each visit adds another two months.

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If you are under 18, you are always entitled to child benefits, no matter how much you work. From your 18th birthday onwards, the number of hours you can work without losing child benefits depends on your place of residence.

  • In Wallonia, that's 600 hours. On top of those 600 hours, you get an additional 240 hours per quarter. During those extra hours, you work on a 'regular contract'. Only the days actually performed count. The compulsory internship hours to obtain your degree are not taken into account.
  • In East Belgium, there is no limit on the number of hours.
  • In Flanders, you are allowed to work 600 hours. On top of those 600 hours, you get an additional 80 hours per month. During those extra hours, you work on a 'regular contract'.
  • In the Brussels-Capital Region, you can work a maximum of 240 hours per quarter. As long as you continue your studies after the summer holidays, you may even work an unlimited amount of hours in July, August and September. All working hours are taken into account, including the hours you perform with a ‘ordinary contract’.

Please note: if you work more than the allowed number of hours, you might lose the right to child benefits!

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