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How do I make an attestation?

When you apply for a student job or sign a student contract, your employer may ask you to produce a Student@work certificate.


The Student@work certificate mentions how many hours there are left of the 600 hours you can work at reduced social security contributions.

On the certificate, an employer can see at once how long he can still employ you at reduced social security contributions.

How do you make a certificate?

To make a certificate:

  1. Log in.
    How do you log into Student@work?
  2. Click on 'Certificate for future employer'.
  3. Select the year you want to make a certificate for.
  4. Click on 'Make certificate'.
    The certificate is in pdf format. The certificate contains an access code and states the number of remaining hours.
  5. Inform the employer of the access code on your certificate. You can mail or print the code or put it on your CV.
    With the access code the employer can now log in to Student@work and see the number of hours you have left.

Important things to know:

  • You can make as many certificates as you want.
  • New month = new code: at the start of a new month, Student@work automatically generates a new access code.
  • The access code is only valid for a limited period of time. The employer can also see your remaining hours for three months.
  • The employer can only see the number of hours remaining. The employer cannot see detailed data, such as the jobs you have already done or that you still want to do.
  • You can only make a certificate for the current year, not for the past year.

Help, I cannot make a certificate!

A certificate is not obligatory. Your employer can hire you without one, but he/she will have a clearer view of your situation if you are able to show him/her a certificate.

Under How to log in to Student@work? you will find some tips to help you solve your problem. Still not working? Call our Contact Center. Our team will find the appropriate solution for you.

Are you under 16 or over 30 years old?

Then you cannot make a certificate using Student@work.

But we can make one for you! However, you must first prove you are eligible for student employment. Please get in touch with our Contact Center for this.

Your personal eBox

Every certificate made by you, is sent automatically to your eBox. It will remain available for two months. Certificates you no longer need can be archived.

Would you like to work through a temp agency?

If you start work as a temporary worker, you don't need to create a certificate. The agency can directly check your remaining hours. At the time of signing of the contract, you must give your written consent for the agency to do that for you.